Adress: École nationale de Police – Abidjan
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Starting Date: 6 June, 07:00
End Date: 8 June, 14:00
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Why ShieldAfrica?  To protect the development of AfricaA continent extremely rich in natural resources, Africa must counter the major threats that create obstacles to its development.The safety of the African people and their activities is a prerequisite for any form of economic expansion. There can not be development without security. The security and defence exhibition ShieldAfrica offers African leaders a unique opportunity to meet and discover a robust worldwide supply to counter the threats they may be faced with. Africa’s major security and defence challenges ShieldAfrica offers Land, Naval and Air solutions to protect Africa’s development Provide the safety required for economic growth Restore or maintain peace Prevent and fight against natural and industrial disasters  Provide security for the cities  Expand the services required for institutional and private stakeholders