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End Date: 24 January, 15:00
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Extremely rich in natural resources, Africa must counter the major threats that create obstacles to its further development. The safety of the African people and their activities is a prerequisite for any form of economic expansion. The Security of Africa refers to a comprehensive way: the security of States in the face of internal and external threats, security of persons and property, security of land, sea and air transport, security of the economic affairs, security of the city (safe city), security of energy supplies, security of communications and cyber-security, health security, water security in quantity and quality, etc… SHIELDAFRICA OFFERS SOLUTIONS IN AIR, LAND AND NAVAL DOMAINS TO PROTECT THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA: TO ENSURE NECESSARY SECURITY TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TO RESTORE OR MAINTAIN PEACE TO PREVENT AND COMBAT NATURAL AND INDUSTRIAL DISASTERS TO ENSURE THE SECURITY OF CITIES TO DEVELOP NECESSARY SERVICES FOR PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS AND PRIVATE BODIES