Adress: Kielce Fairground Zakladowa 1 25-672 Kielce Poland
Participation Fee:
Starting Date: 27 April, 07:00
End Date: 29 April, 14:00
Web Page: https://www.targikielce.pl/en/polsecure

Ladies and Gentlemen,Targi Kielce’s overriding objective has always been to organise a top-level expo, with each consecutive edition much to all parties’ satisfaction. Therefore, having discussed the matters with the Partners, Recipients and the target audience of the event, as well as Exhibitors interested in the project, we have carried out a thorough analysis of the current situation. As the result, we resolved to postpone the International Police & Security Expo POLSECURE until next year’s spring.We hope that the coming year will be a new deal for all of us; the epidemiological situation in our country will finally improve. Moreover, the more stable conditions will offer us more opportunities to develop business relations and expand cooperation into new fields.We wish to express our gratitude for the talks and discussions we have had and all suggestions we have received. We do hope you will understand our position. Looking forward to seeing you from 27 to 29 April 2022 in Kielce.Safety and security come firstAlmost 98,000 policemen and policewomen work in Poland's law enforcement and safeguard the safety and security of the state. The event co-organised by the Polish Police Headquarters in conjunction with Targi Kielce has been crafted around them. POLSECURE is dedicated and targeted at the public safety and uniformed services.In 2020's Police budget is PLN 10.3 billion; the Polish Police Headquarters also uses EU funds are allocated, inter alia, for equipment purchase and modernisation. The constant search for new solutions designed to improve the police-force work is also a chance for defence industry sector and entrepreneurs, as well as IT and transport firms. POLSECURE is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with companies' offers in addition to experiences exchange and talks about the uniformed services' real needs.Cybersafety and security are at the top of the priority listPublic safety is extremely important because it affects many areas of our life. New technologies have been an increased threat, not only for the youngest, but also to other generations; banking fraud, computer sabotage, data extortion and compromising are just some of the Internet crimes. The issue is discussed in many conferences. Cybersecurity is one of the Polish Police Headquarters' priorities. Computer crime issues is also to be addressed at POLSECURE.All services' one-stop shopThe services which report to the Minister of the Interior and Administration are the conference target: POLSECURE has been crafted around the Police, the Border Guards, the State Protection Services, the Special Services, the Prison Services, as well as the national tax administration as well as the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service GOPR, Tatra Mountains Volunteers Rescue Service TOPR, Volunteer Water Rescue Service WOPR, the Air Ambulance Services LPR.Polsecure joins Targi Kielce's portfolio; in addition to exhibitions dedicated to uniformed services, there are also the world-famous International Defence Industry Exhibition or the International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition IFRE-EXPO.