Naval Defense Philippines 2024

Adress: SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
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Starting Date: 19 June, 06:00
End Date: 21 June, 14:00
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Who Should Exhibit?HomeWho Should Exhibit?1. Naval & Commercial ShipbuildingDesign & construction of submarinesDesign & construction of surface ships & boatsDesign & construction of dynamic-lift vessels & boatsDesign & construction of support vesselsShipbuilding equipmentShipyard facilities & equipmentCorrosion-resistant coating and painting technologyMarine equipmentHydraulic and pneumatic equipmentShip repair and maintenance equipmentull plates and composite materialsPlastics2. Weapons, Armaments, Integrated Complexes & Fire Control SystemsMissile weapons & armamentsurface-to-air missile weapons & armamentsArtillery weapons & armamentsTorpedo & torpedo/missile weapons & armamentsMines and counter-mine weapons & armamentsFire control systemsLaunchers & launching systemsTargeting & homing systemsRadio-electronic & optronic surveillance systemsAcoustic & non-acoustic surveillance systems3. Combat Control Systems, Communications, Radio-Electronics, Radars & SonarsWeapons automatic control systemsSpecial automatic control systemsInformation security systemsMultilevel automated communication systemsSpace communications, monitoring and reconnaissance systemsRadio-electronic & radio-technical weaponsHydro acoustic equipment4. Marine Power Plants, Hull Systems, Gears & Auxiliary MachineryCentral power plantsEmergency and stand-by ship power plantsDrives & propulsorsSteering gears & thrustersShip devices: ground tackles, towing gears, cargo gears, degaussing gearsLife-support systemsIn-harbor power, heat and water supply systemsNaval electricsFurniture, medical & galley equipmentShip-damage control systemsFire-_ghting systems5. Naval Aviation (Deck & Shore-Based)Deck planes & helicoptersShore-based planes & helicoptersAmphibian planes & aircraftsUnmanned aerial systemsAviation equipment & aircraft accessories design & manufactures6. Navigation, Hydrographical & Hydro-Meteorological Services & Hardware Navy coastal forces arming7. Mariners weapons & equipment (motor transport & armored vehicles, missiles & artillery, combat engineering equipment, air-defense & small arms)Coastal guided missile systemsCoastal artillery and rocket systemsCounter-sabotage weapons & equipment for special forcesWeapons control systemsChemical, biological & radiological protection equipment for troopsHigh-speed and small-size vessels, boats, yachts for supporting and commercial8.purposesPatrol boats, rescue vessels, administrative ships and motorboatsYachtsSail, rowing and other boatsBoats and yachts equipment, rigs, sails, ropesDiving and underwater operations equipmentInboard and outboard engines for small-size and high-speed vesselsDesign, building and repair of small-size vesselsVessel land transportation9. Logistics infrastructureNaval logistic support facilities & equipmentShip repair & marine equipment upgradingFloating docks, covered sheds, repair facilitiesSpare part supplies & service maintenanceLand, surface & undersea support facilitiesEquipment for ordnance, fuel & oil stores, fuelling stations and facilitiesMooring berths, piers, port structures & boating support facilitiesCommunications, utility networks & pipelinesCross-country vehiclesCargo-handling vehicles & systemsClothing & food supplies, fuels & oilsMedical equipment & supplies10. Harbor and hydraulic engineeringHarbor design, building and reengineeringQuays and marine facilities buildingHydraulic facilities and dredging works quays, breakwaters, pontoonsPower and special equipment, construction materialsMonitoring and hydraulic structures control equipmentMarine equipment for tow, mounting and other worksUnderwater equipmentNavigation and radar equipment for naval bases and harborsProtection systems, accident prevention system for marine facilities11. Navigation securitySecurity monitoring facilitiesStructures, mechanisms and equipment monitoringDiagnostic systems for structures, mechanisms and equipmentShipping fault detection systemTesting equipment for ships, mechanism and devicesMarine trouble-free operation support12. Search & Rescue equipmentMarine search and rescue systems & equipmentCrew lifesaving equipmentRescue ships and equipment for emergency damage controlDeepwater and rescue operations methodsShip raising systemsDiving equipmentDeepwater systems, undersea electrical engineering, underwater welding and cuttingUnderwater and lifting equipment and technologyDeepwater and diving medical support. Rehabilitation methods for deepwater specialists and frogmen. Medical & physiological training and rehabilitation methods.Search & rescue personnel training systemsFire_fighting equipment Legal groundwork for rescue and diving operationsRescue and diving equipment certification and standardizationDeepwater, diving and rescue training courses for specialists13. Personnel TrainingTraining systems for commanding & engineering officersTraining systems for non-commissioned o_cersModern methods in naval educationIntegrated training laboratories, engineers of shipbuilding and defense industries14. Industrial equipment in shipbuilding and associated industriesDesign and supply of the equipment, _ttings and accessoriesMetalworking machinesWelding equipment and technologyHydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Handling and rigging apparatusTesting and measurement equipment. Diagnostic and quality control devicesTools and _ttingsCorrosion resistant processing. Anti-corrosion and paint material. New technologies in anti-corrosion coatingAuxiliary equipmentIndustrial materialsIndustrial equipment maintenance and repair