Adress: Centrum Kongresowe Targi Kielce Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce, Polonya
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Starting Date: 6 September, 07:00
End Date: 9 September, 14:00
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Product and service rangeArmoured equipmentClassical armament, missiles and explosive materialsEquipment and materials for chemical servicesAviation and air defence armament and equipmentNaval armament and equipmentSpecial equipment for PoliceSpecial equipment for Border GuardsExtinguishing and rescue equipmentTransport equipment (wheeled, tracked and amphibian), also for special useRadio- and opto-electronic equipment; Communication and information technologies; Metrology equipmentDefence infrastructure equipmentEngineering equipmentGroceries and equipment for meal preparing, storage and transportationUniform articlesFuels, exploitation liquids and equipment for their distribution and storageMedical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits;Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection.