Military Radar 2019

Adress: Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington Scarsdale Place, Kensington London W8 5SY United Kingdom
Participation Fee: Bedelli
Starting Date: 27 August, 09:00
End Date: 29 August, 17:00
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Intro Military Radar 2019 is back for its 13th year and is going to bigger and better than last year with new expert speakers joining the panel , exciting new presentations on a variety of radar topics and new exclusive industry content for 2019 including a Global Trends and Acquisitions Market Report. Agenda Topics This years Military Radar Agenda is shaping up to build on last years conference and continue to discover the critical developments and latest requirements in radar systems & technology whilst continuing to inform the future of military radar. The main topics covered at this year’s conference are Strategic Future challenges The range presentations covered in this topic covers something for everyone in attendance as there will be sessions ranging from airborne radars and ground based radar to hypersonic missiles and NATO’s Air Command Communication System. These presentations are focused on targeting the military radar industry as a whole and everyone involved. Cognitive Radar Networks: The future of AESA radar and AI’s use Moving onto the more technical areas of Military Radar, these presentations will focus on covering the engineering and architectural aspects of cognitive radar networks whilst understanding the advancing elements and application to electronic warfare. Low Frequency Radar and VHF utility in a counter-UAV role The Fraunhofer Institute research then get bought into light by revealing their recent projects and an overview of their developments, whilst the challenges and opportunities for radar countering small UAS is covered on day 2 of the conference. Phased Array vs. Passive Radar systems These back to back sessions will be analysing both Military Radar systems performance, application and detection effectiveness to ensure that you can understand the practicality and effectiveness of each system and how it can be used to maximum efficiency. Electronic Warfare as an enabler and constraint for operations The sessions on Electronic warfare are focused on building a greater understanding in the EW Space through a presentation on ADS operation in the EW space and then followed by a panel discussion to define the strengths, threats and future of EW and implications for all radar specialists.   Future utility of early warning systems The focus of the conference then shifts to progressions in Quantum Radar and its capabilities to then a duel lead session highlighting the future of Military Radar by enabling technology for deployable space antennas. View the 2019 Agenda here for more in depth information into each session at this years conference Speakers Our expert speaker panel for the conference is constantly gaining more experience and prestige in the build up to the conference. Our early confirmed speaker however consists of some extremely impressive names already! Here are a few highlighted names: Brian 'Bear' Lihani, Chief, Aerospace Warning Branch, HQ NORAD Colonel Tim Shaffer, Chief, Air and Missile Defence, US Army Europe Lieutenant Colonel Nikolaos Kipenis, Air Battle Management-Weapons Control, Hellenic Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jyri Raitasalo, Military Professor of War Studies, Finnish National Defence University   You can view the full speaker panel here for more information and you can view the 2019 agenda to see what presentationsand sessions they will be involved in here.