International Marrakech Air Show

Adress: Marrakech Menara Airport, RMAF Military Base
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Starting Date: 27 April, 10:00
End Date: 30 April, 17:00
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WHY EXHIBIT Morocco is becoming a strategic platform to address the African continent   As part of the trans-African co-operation, Morocco has a privileged relationship with many African States attending. With great interest in this major event, this showcases the attractiveness of the Moroccan aerospace sectors and the growing demand for its services.     The International Marrakech Air Show continues supporting the growing importance of the African market by hosting more investors and reaffirming the world’s trust in Morocco as a solid platform for business opportunities and a model for stability.     With the endorsement of the FRA – FORCES ROYALES AIR, International Marrakech Air Show will be hosting a large number of African delegations and decision makers: Chiefs of Staff of the African states, heads of international and national civil aviation, professionals and authorities from different countries. All of them attending International Marrakech Air Show to meet with their counterparts and international manufacturers to prepare their equipment plan.