Euronaval 2024

Adress: 10 rue Treilhard 75008 Paris
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Starting Date: 4 November, 07:00
End Date: 7 November, 14:00
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EURONAVAL DNAFrom the sea, protect our nationsCreated in 1968 for the French naval industry, Euronaval has gradually opened up to European and then international manufacturers, becoming the global benchmark for naval defence.  Keeping abreast of the latest geostrategic and economic developments around the world, this event is constantly evolving and adding innovative technological products to each new edition. This responsiveness enables the biennial event to present the answers to the major naval and maritime challenges of the 21st century. For over 50 years, the show’s strength has been its ability to attract the most important official delegations (government decision-makers, chiefs of staff of foreign navies). In 2022, the show welcomed 150 french and international delegations.