Air Force Africa Forum

Adress: King Fahd Palace Dakar Rte des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal
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Starting Date: 26 October, 07:00
End Date: 27 October, 14:00
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Find out what are African Countries are Investing in?DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPERSenegal Air Force and Ghana Air Force Procurement RequirementsDOWNLOAD REQUIREMENTSEVENT OVERVIEWEvolving security challenges across Africa have precipitated the necessity for regional Air Forces to enhance air operations to counter asymmetrical threats. To effectively empower air-defence components, it is essential for the entire aerospace community to cooperatively advance tactics, training and MRO supply-chain management to improve response to regional conflicts.To support this, the inaugural Africa Airforce Forum hosted by the Senegal Air Force in Dakar 26-27 October 2022 will feature bespoke networking exercises and interactive platforms for the region’s Air Force leadership and global solution providers to enhance collaborative approaches to combat regional security challenges. The Air Force Africa Forum will address the evolving role of Africa’s air force, new requirements, counter terrorism, and counter insurgency efforts.WHY SENEGAL?Senegal’s Air Force is currently enhancing their fleet capabilities to support regional counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations. In addition to the transnational conflicts, Senegal will begin oil exploration in 2023 and will require extensive air support to safeguard the new offshore oil and gas assets. Due to this, the Air Force Africa Forum will reveal the Air Forces commitment to regional security through shortlisting of suppliers and providing an essential platform for Africa’s aerospace community to convene to progress coordination.