ZALA Aero Reveals Izdeliye 55 Loitering Munition

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ZALA Aero Reveals Izdeliye 55 Loitering Munition
Russian ZALA Aero revealed the design of a new loitering munition named Izdeliye 55 as the latest member of the Lancet family.

ZALA Aero is known for manufacturing the Lancet series of loitering munitions, which are in active use with the Russian Armed Forces in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Russian media previously stated that another loitering munition from ZALA Aero, Izdeliye 53, was being used in Ukraine.

Lancet loitering munitions have been mostly used against Ukrainian artillery and air defence systems during the war. The increasing use of Lancet loitering munitions led ZALA to pursue further development of the Lancet family.

There hasn’t been detailed information on Izdeliye 55, but the manufacturer stated that the new loitering munition will have improved video transmission with less ping and resistance against jamming.

It is possible to observe other changes from the published image. The first variants of Lancet are known for having fixed X-wings, requiring catapult launch from the ground or a vehicle, but the new variant, Izdeliye 55, is seen to have folding X-wings, allowing for launch from canisters.

Canisters have become popular with the latest loitering munition designs for advantages like increased munition count, rate of launches, and safer carriage.

In addition to the new wing structure, the propulsion layout is also changed with four propellers on the front wings; unlike other variants, there is a single propeller on the back, with the front reserved for the gimbal electro-optical system.

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