US Space Force Launches First Foreign Command in ROK

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US Space Force Launches First Foreign Command in ROK
The US military activated its first Space Force Command on foreign soil on 14 December in the Republic of Korea (ROK), with the unit’s new Commander saying he is ready to face any threat in the region.

Creating a new branch at Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, 65 kilometres south of Seoul, where the US 7th Air Force is based, gives the US a chance to coordinate space operations and services such as missile warning, position navigation and timing and satellite communications within the region.

Brigadier General Anthony Mastalir, who introduced the new unit at the ceremony, said it was an example of “integrated deterrence” that demonstrated the US and its allies’ “unparalleled” ability to project power on land, sea, air, and now in space.

US Army General Paul LaCamera, Commander of US Forces, said, “This new command will ensure the integrated deterrence space capabilities are ready to fight tonight.”

The United States Space Forces Korea is a subordinate of a larger US Space Force unit established last month within the Indo-Pacific command in Hawaii.

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