US Orders the Fourth Constellation Frigate

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US Orders the Fourth Constellation Frigate
The US Navy ordered the fourth Constellation-class frigate, with a $526 million contract awarded to Fincantieri's US subsidiary Marinette Marine.

The Constellation class frigates are based on the Italian version of the FREMM. According to initial estimates, it will displace approximately 7,500 tons and have a length of 151.1 meters. They can develop a maximum speed of 26+ knots and range up to 6,000 nautical miles. They will provide accommodation for 200 people. Their main armament will consist of a 57 mm gun, 4 Mk41 octuple launchers for anti-aircraft missiles, up to 16 NSM anti-ship missiles and a RAM family anti-missile system. The helipad and hangar will support two MH-60R helicopters or one MH-60R and one MQ-8C UAV. Construction of the first ship began in August 2022, and delivery is scheduled for 2026.
The fourth Constellation-class frigate will be completed by the end of 2028. So far, the requirements have reached 20 ships, and four have been ordered.

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