U.S. Navy Wants to Establish a Naval Force of Over 500 Ships’

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U.S. Navy Wants to Establish a Naval Force of Over 500 Ships’
According to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Adm. Mike Gilday, the Navy needs a fleet of more than 500 ships to meet its commitments to the soon-to-be-released National Defence Strategy.

USNI News reported on February 18 that Gilday said the analyse during the WEST 2022 conference, co-hosted by AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute.

“We need 12 carriers. We need a strong amphibious force to include nine big-deck amphibious and another 19 or 20 [LPDs] to support them. Perhaps 30 or more smaller amphibious ships to support Maritime Littoral Regiments… to 60 destroyers and probably 50 frigates, 70 attack submarines and a dozen ballistic missile submarines to about 100 support ships and probably looking into the future about 150 unmanned.”

According to Gilday’s calculations, the list will have about 513 ships with 263 manned combatants along with 100 logistics and supply ships and 150 unmanned vessels. Gilday has also told reporters that the total would include Littoral Combat Ships. “LCS is in that mix,” he added.

U.S. Navy Wants to Establish a Naval Force of Over 500 Ships’

“The real message I wanted to get out of those numbers, it’s actually grounded on how we’re going to fight,” he said and explained, “We’re going through another force structure assessment right now, but based on the hard work we’ve done over the last five or six years we’re thinking about how we would fight,” Gilday said. “How would we fight differently in terms of a wide, vast ocean like the Pacific?”

Gilday’s affirmation of the fleet follows reports that the Biden administration is planning late influx funds into the Pentagon budget for FY 2023. USNI News reported earlier this week that the new top-line could be as high as $773 billion.

From earlier announcements, it is known that the plan will claim to deal with an increasingly complicated and complex security landscape. The DOD recognises China as its pacing threat since the 2018 National Defence Strategy.

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