Ulaq Meets NATO

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Ulaq Meets NATO
Two Turkish companies, Ares Shipyard and Meteksan Defence, are preparing to attend NATO’s NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative (MUS) in Germany with their co-product ULAQ unmanned surface vessel. According to Shephard Magazine, the event will occur between 30 November- 2 December in Hamburg.

The joint product ULAQ will be first time introduced to NATO allies. ARES Shipyard Deputy Manager Oğuzhan Pehlivanlı said, “During the activity, we will deliver an informative presentation about the designs, characteristics and capabilities of the ULAQ Unmanned Armed Surface Vessel) and USV families, as well as the theoretical and actual actions, carried out in 2020 and 2021. We will also share our future projection with the participants”.

Pehlivanlı stated that ULAQ might take part in NATO’s Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Dynamic Messenger Exercises to be held on September 2022 off the coast of Portugal.

MUS is an initiative introduced in 2018. The first deliverable of the MUS initiative was the first annual edition of the operational exercise Recognized Environmental Picture, Maritime Unmanned Systems (REP(MUS)19), hosted by Portugal and featuring dozens of unmanned underwater, surface and air vehicles. It focused on integrating unmanned systems in naval operations.


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