UAE's second Gowind Corvette is Launched

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UAE's second Gowind Corvette is Launched
Naval Group of France launched the second of two corvettes ordered by UAE in 2019.

The first ship was launched in December 2021. The official launch ceremony for the Gowind corvette took place on Friday, May 13, in Lorient. The shipyard announced the launch of the second corvette on May 20.

Five months after the first, Naval Group launched the second Gowind corvette, commissioned by the United Arab Emirates Navy. The official ceremony took place in Lorient on Friday, May 13, in the presence of an Emirati delegation.

Gowind is a corvettedesigned to perform the full spectrum of naval defence operations and maritime security roles. The vessel is intended to be used against air, naval or underwater threats.

Technical features

Overall hull length: 102 m

Overall beam: 16 m

Displacement: 2,800 t

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