U.S. Set to Deploy Soldier in Denmark

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U.S. Set to Deploy Soldier in Denmark
The United States, aiming to increase its military presence in the Baltic region, has signed a military cooperation agreement with Denmark.

Following Russia's occupation of Ukraine, the U.S. has adopted a new policy towards Scandinavian countries. After securing Finland's NATO membership and pressuring Turkiye for Sweden's inclusion, the U.S. recently signed similar agreements with Finland and Sweden this month. Now, the U.S. has taken another step by signing an agreement with Denmark, allowing the U.S. to station troops and equipment in the country permanently. As Norway joined NATO in 1949, the U.S. secures now the Baltic Region.

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Frederiksen's agreement signifies a policy change in the Kingdom of Denmark, which does not permit stationing foreign troops or deploying nuclear weapons on its soil. Under the new 10-year agreement, nuclear weapons will not be stationed in Denmark. However, U.S. troops will be allowed at three airbases in Denmark, subject to U.S. laws as customary in such agreements.

A few years ago, U.S.-Denmark relations were strained when former President Donald Trump suggested buying Greenland, a semi-autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. When Frederiksen insisted that the region was not for sale, it drew a reaction from Trump. 

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