Two US Destroyers in the Black Sea

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Two US Destroyers in the Black Sea
US Navy sent two destroyers and a replenishment oiler to the Black Sea just days after President Biden confronted Vladimir Putin about Russian policy. For the first time in three years, the US has sent three ships into the Black Sea.

The two guided-missile destroyers, -the USS Porter and USS Donald Cook- are conducting command and control and maritime multi-domain operations with US P-8 surveillance aircraft and NATO AWACS planes according to Navy officials.

Navy spokesman Cmdr. Kyle Raines added that the deployment to the Black Sea “demonstrates that we stand together with NATO allies and partners to maintain a safe, secure and prosperous European region and global security environment.”

Countries that do not have coast at the Black Sea may enter the Sea for a limited time and with limited power during peacetime according to Montreux Convention.

President Biden and President Putin have talked on the phone on Tuesday. President Biden signalled a tougher U.S. stance on Russia, raising concerns over human rights and "aggression" against Ukraine, but welcoming cooperation on a new nuclear weapons accord.

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