Two More Anka to Protect Blue Homeland

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Two More Anka to Protect Blue Homeland
Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) has delivered two Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ANKA) Male Class to the Turkish Navy. The UAVs have extended range flight capacity for more endurance. UAVs capacity is not declared.

Naval Forces carry out intensive missions both in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea with the UAV fleet established in Çanakkale. Turkish UAVs patrol the Blue Homeland to prevent maritime border violation as well as human trafficking on economic exclusion zone (EEZ)

No information was provided about Anka’s new range.

Regarding the delivery, the presidency of Defence Industry (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı /SSB) said on Twitter; “We are increasing the scouts of our security forces in the sky. Two ANKA UCAV with extended range produced by TUSAS were delivered to the Turkish Navy. ANKA will continue to have more duty in defence of the Blue Homeland.

ANKA UCAVs may operate day and night and get complete surveillance missions thanks to their Synthetic Aperture Radar or EO/IR systems according to weather conditions. ANKA UCAVs have the Automatic Identification System ( AIS) to identify the position, course, and speed of the naval platform from a remote distance.

Anka entered to Navy's inventory in 2018.

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