Turkiye to produce 20 mm and 25 mm Cannons

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Turkiye to produce 20 mm and 25 mm Cannons
Turkiye Prepares 20 and 25 mm Guns
Defence Industry Agency (SSB) initiated the 20 mm Cannon and 25 mm Land Cannon Development Projects in 2019. The weapon systems would be subject to export licenses and would be produced with domestic and national means.
T129 Atak Helicopter would use a 20mm Gatling gun; It will offer the opportunity to be used in ATAK helicopters, various land systems, and naval and air platforms. The 25 mm Land Gatling Cannon will be integrated into Armoured Combat Vehicles, Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles and Remote-Controlled Weapons Systems.SSB President Professor İsmail Demir visited the Düzce facilities of TR Mekatronik, which is established as TUSAŞ and Sarsılmaz partnership. TR Mechatronics will design, qualify, develop and manufacture the systems supplied abroad subject to an export license with domestic facilities.Turkiye to produce 20 mm and 25 mm CannonsWithin the 20 mm Gun Development Project scope, two prototype systems will be qualified, and the systems to be qualified will be produced and delivered. The tests will start at the end of 2022 and last two months. The systems will be subjected to Physical and Functional Control, High Pressure, High Temperature, Low Temperature, Functional Shot, Shock, and Vibration tests.Four prototype systems in the 25 mm Land Cannon Development Project will be launched in January 2023. They will be subjected to qualification tests and subject to Initial Inspection, Logistics Supportability, and incline shooting. Two Cannons that will pass tests with different contents, such as Chemical Interaction, and Oil-Free Process, will be delivered in July 2023.Within the 20 mm Gun System Project scope, the 20 mm rotating barrel turreted weapon system is designed and developed with local opportunities. It has a fire rate of approximately 750 rounds/per min. The 20 mm Gun System is suitable for land, naval and air platforms, and there are training, high-explosive fire and armour-piercing ammunition types.25 mm Gun System Project is the primary weapon in armoured combat vehicles. Depending on the type of ammunition, a chain mechanism system is used, and It has an effective range of 1500-2500 m.

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