Turkiye’s Indigenous Torpedo Akya is Operational

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Turkiye’s Indigenous Torpedo Akya is Operational
Turkiye’s first indigenous heavy-weight torpedo, Akya, is now operational after its test launch with a live warhead.

Turkish Defence Ministry announced last week that the fire tests would occur on December 26th. The tests were postponed for a day and took place on the 27th. The Ministry announced on social media that an Akya heavy-weight torpedo was launched from the TCG Preveze (S-353) submarine. The Ministry stated that Akya hit the target vessel (ex-TCG Gazal, ex-USS Sioux) and destroyed it. This statement and a photo with the “Akya harp” notice mark that the torpedo had a live warhead. “Harp” is a Turkish word for “war”.

AKYA HARP TurDef.jpg

The torpedo was tested many times, but this test with a live warhead made it operational.

AKYA is the result of collaboration among ARMERKOM, TUBİTAK SAGE and ROKETSAN. 

The Preveze Class submarine TCG Preveze (S-353) is modernised with HAVELSAN’s MÜREN Combat Management System. 

All Turkish submarines in the inventory and Reis Class ones that will enter the inventory will launch the 533 mm Diameter torpedo.


Technical Specifications

Range50+ Km
Speed45+ Knots
TargetsSubmarines, Surface Targets
GuidanceActive/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter- Countermeasure Capability and Wake Guidance
Guidance Mode Self Guidance
Onboard Guidancefibreoptic cable 
FuzeProximity / Impact 
WarheadInsensitive Warhead with Underwater Shock Effect
Launch Type Swim-Out
Propulsion SystemBrushless DC Electrical Motor + Counter-rotating Propeller System
Battery High-Energy Chemical Battery
Roketsan AKYA Torpedo.pdf

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