Turkiye’s Frigate Partnership: TAİS

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Turkiye’s Frigate Partnership: TAİS
Shipyards' Cooperation Project for Export TAİS gained a significant advantage in the second batch of İ class frigate construction.

The most important decisions of the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK), which took place at the beginning of 2024, were related to the naval forces. The start of design activities for the Aircraft Carrier was announced for the first time in an official meeting. There was however no decision regarding the TF-2000 air defence warfare destroyer. However, as TurDef, as we have stated before, we do not expect the design on this issue to be finalised soon. We think the gap will be temporarily filled with frigates with reinforced VLS weapons and sensor structures.

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The most important and concrete aspect of SSİK’s decisions was about MİLGEM’s four ships between 9 and 12 to be were I-class frigates. It is unclear whether this decision coincides with TurDef’s former claims about TF-2000, which means whether these frigates would differ from the previous ones. If such a difference exists, the I-class frigates will have Block 1 and 2 versions or General Purpose, Surface Warfare or Anti-Air Warfare versions.
TurDef has learned that the SSİK authorised the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) to start negotiations with TAİS to construct four new vessels. Thus, the partnership, which undertook the construction of ships 6-7 and 8, would add four more vessels. In this case, all frigates built by private shipyards in Turkiye will bear the TAIS signature. This means that SEDEF, Sefine and Anadolu shipyards will receive job guarantees for a long time. These three shipyards cut steel for the first time in April 2023 to construct three frigates in 36 months.
Anadolu Shipyard built the TCG Bayraktar L-402 and TCG Sancaktar L 403 amphibious tank landing ships. Sedef Shipyard constructed the TCG Anadolu L-400 Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship. Sefine Shipyard built TCG Derya A-1590 Replenishment at Sea and Combat Support Ship.
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