Turkish Export Reaches $ 514.7 Million in October

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Turkish Export Reaches $ 514.7 Million in October
According to the Turkiye Export Assembly figures, the defence and aerospace industry exported $ 514.7 million in October 2023.

The sector exported $ 4.3 billion in the ten months between January and October 2023. Turkish Defence Agency (SSB) targets $ 6 billion worth of exports in 2023.
The Turkish defence industry sector exported more than $ 500 million in March, May, July and October 2023. The sector reached its highest export volume in July with $ 657 million. 
Half of the sector's exports consist of unmanned aerial vehicles and guided and unguided munitions frequently used on these platforms. Turkiye's most prominent defence industry export was signed with Saudi Arabia this year. With the contract known to be worth more than 3 billion dollars, AKINCI UCAV and smart ammunition will be supplied to Saudi Arabia. The agreement signed with Saudi Arabia was not reflected in the export accounts for 2023.

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