Turkish Defence Industry to Break Export Records

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Turkish Defence Industry to Break Export Records
Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) announced the export data for 2022. The report gives figures for the Turkish defence and aerospace industry sector in March 2022. It states that the industry exported 327.7 million USD. Reaching an export figure of 3.2 billion dollars in 2021, the industry broke its annual export record 2021.

The defence industry entered the new year with export of 306.7 million USD. In March 2022, the sector continued the success of February 2022 and realized exports worth 327 million USD. The exports realized by the industry in the period of 1 January - 31 March 2022 increased by 48.6% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 961 million USD.

Exports to African countries increased. In January 2022, the sector's export, USA, Philippines, Senegal, Togo and Rwanda, came to the fore. In March, defence industry companies exported 81.7 million USD to the USA and exported to South Asian and African countries. 80.9 million USD worth of exports were made to the Philippines, the second most exported country after the USA. The Philippines ranked second as the country imported two TUSAŞ T129 ATAK Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopters.

The defence industry sector, which also turns to African countries, exported 38.2 million USD to Senegal in March—exporting US$ 16.8 million to Togo and US$ 14 million to Rwanda.

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