Turkish Defence Industry’s New Export Record: $5.5 Billion

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Turkish Defence Industry’s New Export Record: $5.5 Billion
Turkish Defence and Aviation Industry surpassed its previous $4.4 billion export record. The new defence industry export record is $ 5.5 billion.

Turkiye’s defence and aviation industries achieved a historic milestone in 2023 by exporting a record-breaking $5.545 billion. The sector maintained its performance with a spectacular 27 per cent gain over the previous year, while it fell just short of the intended $6 billion export objective.
According to figures from the Turkiye Exporters’ Assembly (TİM), the defence and aviation sectors, which established an export record of $4.4 billion last year, achieved a new high of $4.8 billion in November of this year. The Turkish military sector completed 2023 with total exports of $5.5 billion, establishing its second record of the year and strengthening its export performance.
The Turkish defence industry excelled in the export of unmanned aerial vehicles, armoured vehicles, marine platforms, ammunition, and weapon systems in particular. These goods helped Turkiye’s military industry build a strong presence in over 170 countries where it exported. Furthermore, the sector attracted new clients, strengthening its success.
The aviation industry has also had global success, providing aircraft structures, equipment, and maintenance-repair services to leading platform manufacturers worldwide. Turkey’s defence industry exports more than 230 products to over 170 countries.
Last year, Baykar, a maker of unmanned aerial vehicles, inked a defence and aviation export agreement worth more than $3 billion in Saudi Arabia. However, the data have not yet reflected this agreement. Furthermore, the first export of the unmanned sub-cloud aerial vehicle BAHA to Africa occurred. The Turkish defence industry’s reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle TOGAN also achieved its first export to Africa. ALPAGU, the Kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle, has its first foreign customer.
The HAKİM Air Command Control System had its first international delivery, and the first export of the software-based national naval radio occurred.

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