Turkey increased its export volume in February

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Turkey increased its export volume in February
Turkish Exporters Assembly has published the total export volume of the Defence and Aerospace Industry sector in February 2022. Accordingly, the total export amounted to 327 million 211 thousand USD.

The sector, which exported 306.7 million USD worth of products in January, reached an export volume of 327.2 million USD in February.

Sudden jumps in export figures indicate platform sales. The first example of this is Burkina Faso, which bought a total of 8.3 million USD worth of goods in 2021 and imported 66.9 million USD worth of products in January and 16.2 million USD in February.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues on its 8th day. Turkish – Ukrainian trade volume has always been high, but there is a steep increase. The defence minister of Ukraine had recently stated that Bayraktar TB2 UAVs had been received. The increase in income might be the result of the delivery.

The leading countries in exports and their export volume are as follows.

Country Name

The US $75.8 million

Ukraine: USD 57.9 million

UAE: $35.3 million

Pakistan: $25.9 million

Kyrgyzstan: $25.9 million

India: $23.4 million

Burkina Faso: $16.2 million

Turkish Defence Export in Feb.pdf

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