Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company

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Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company
Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of 2020. Sixteen companies are performing in defence or aviation. Some of them deal only in defence like FNSS, but some have military and commercial business like ASELSAN. Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) companies are located mostly at the top of the list.

The list includes those who remained at the same level unchanged. Most of the companies climbed on the list, but few lost level.

ASELSAN protected its position. It was 11th last year and the same this year.

Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) jumped 20 ranks up from 51 to 31.

Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company

Roketsan reached similar success by climbing 21 ranks up, from 77 to 56.

Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company

Otokar ranked highest among private company dealing with defence. It has commercial and defence sectors. The company went nine ranks up, from 92 to 83.

Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company

State-ownedMechanical and Chemical Industry Companyprotected its level: 90th.

TSKGV company Havelsan was 140th in 2019. It went up to 126.

Turkey Has 16 Defence Companies in First-500 Company

BMC is the second private company on the list. It deals with land vehicles similar to Otokar, and it has both military and commercial products. BMC is the first company to lose its financial position. It was ranked 51st in 2019, but it lost 93 ranks at once and located itself at 144th rank. Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) was 94th, and it lost altitude to 174th. FNSS was very close to the first 100 company in 2019. It was ranked 105, but it lost space and went down to 225th.

FNSS, like the other two private company, manufactures land vehicles. Unlike Otokar and BMC, FNSS’s only income is from defence products.

Alp Aviation is the first completely private aviation company. Similar to TEI, it is located in Eskişehir. TEI has TSKGV company TUSAŞ in its financial framework. Alpata family and Lockheed Martin own Alp Aviation.Alp was 256th in 2019 and is located at 306th in 2020.

Coşkunöz is Bursa located metallurgy company. It owns an aviation business and exports mostly to aviation. It was ranked 261st in 2019, but it lost its financial position to 326th.

Sedef Shipyard is known for the tankers it built in Tuzla, Istanbul. It, however, gained its experience in the navy with LHD Project. The shipyard builds TCG Anadolu vessel. It entered the list from 343 rd rank.

Tümosan is known for tractor engines normally. Konya based company entered the defence industry with the duty of preparing an engine for Altay tank. The company failed to fulfil its mission, but it prepared its armoured car designs and engines for the armoured vehicles. The company will alsı deliver engine for FNSS’s armoured vehicles.

Yakupoğlu manufactures military-grade boot. Its production technology gave the company a big advantage in foreign markets. It delivered boots to the Russian army as well as the British. The company was 483rd in 2019 but made a big step forward, and it is ranked 393rd in 2020.

Kale Aero is ranked 460th this year. It was not on the list in 2019. The company develops SOM engine KTJ-3200. The engine is expected to pass the tests this year and power up the missile.

Karel is an electronics company. Its core business is telecommunication, mostly the civilian sector. It provides software solutions for military use. The company Karel was 428th in 2019. It is ranked 479th in 2020.

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