The U.S. Warned Allies about Russian Attack on Ukraine

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The U.S. Warned Allies about Russian Attack on Ukraine
A recent report in the Washington Post revealed that the United States had leaked strategic intelligence to its allies, predominantly European countries, about Moscow’s plans to invade Ukraine.

The article claims that President Biden shared some of the new intelligence and conclusions with the leaders of Britain, France and Germany in October during G20 Conference in Rome long before Moscow launched its first offensive on February 24.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines spoke at NATO’s North Atlantic Council In mid-November. She shared some of the intelligence community believed the evidence showed. France and Germany recalled emphatic U.S. claims about intelligence on Iraq.

For the U.S., the report noted, it is not uncommon for hard-earned and top-secret data to be shared. Even worse, the Moscow plan was even made public. As many reported, U.S. President Joe Biden said Russia would invade Ukraine ahead of the invasion by Russia. Meanwhile, President Putin stated that Moscow would not attack because it prefers diplomacy to resolve conflicts.

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