The U.K Army Tests Sentinel Rotary-Wing UAV

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The U.K Army Tests Sentinel Rotary-Wing UAV
Sentinel rotary-wing UAVs were tested during the multi-national Army Warfare Experiment Blunting Strike exercise.

Sentinel UAVs are projected to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance missions with eight hours of endurance and 30 kg MTOW. The UAV is powered by a 70 cc multi-fuel engine that uses JP5, JP8 and Jet A1 fuels.

Sentinel is controlled from a laptop-sized mobile ground control system with STANAG 4609-compliant video feed.

2.2x2 m (Length x Width) dimension makes the UAV’s carriage and deployment practical. This, combined with the endurance, makes Sentinel ideal for places where long-endurance fixed-wing UAVs are too demanding to deploy.

sentinentel Rotary UAV.jpg

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