THALES secured £98 Million UK SHORAD Contract

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THALES secured £98 Million UK SHORAD Contract
The UK MoD has contracted Belfast based Thales UK company to offer Short-Range Air Defence (SHORAD) to the British Army and Royal Marines.

Thales UK won the initial contract in 2018 as part of the Future Air Defence Availability Project (F-ADAPT). This latest announcement confirms a five-year extension to the contract, valued at $98.4 million (€114 million).

SHORAD is made up of High Velocity and Lightweight Multi-role Missile systems that can intercept air threats, including fast jets, attack helicopters and unmanned air systems, in a matter of seconds.

The SHORAD missile systems can be fired from three platform variants: shoulder-launch for single fire; lightweight multiple launchers (LML), capable of firing three missiles from a tripod self-propelled launcher, designed to fire up to eight missiles from a STORMER armoured vehicle.

This contract ensures vital air defence capabilities, capable of dealing with a multitude of threats, are maintained and readily available to deploy.

THALES secured £98 Million UK SHORAD Contract

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