TEI Starts TS-1400 Turboshaft Engine Serial Production

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TEI Starts TS-1400 Turboshaft Engine Serial Production
TEI prepares for TS-1400 turboshaft engine serial production for helicopters. TEI CEO Mahmut F. Akşit has announced the development.

TUSAŞ Engine Industry Inc. (TEI) CEO Mahmut F. Akşit stated the initiation of serial production for the TS-1400 engine, marking a pivotal moment in military technological advancement. In an interview with Anadolu News Agency, Akşit shared insights gained from the initial flight of the TEI-TS1400 turboshaft engine in collaboration with the GÖKBEY helicopter.
The post-flight examination has propelled TEI into the serial production phase, with raw material orders already underway. Akşit emphasized the pace, noting that continuous, mass-produced engines typically take 2-3 years for delivery, considering raw material supply and processing time.

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Despite the time-intensive nature, Akşit expressed determination to expedite production, aiming to unveil the first mass-produced products within 15-16 months. The journey includes qualification tests and a certification process, with Akşit clarifying that military use doesn't necessitate certification.
EASA's approval, following the completion of the study, is anticipated within a few months. The certification process involves organisational approval and type certification, with a goal to conclude by the end of 2025, paving the way for global civilian helicopter sales.
Shifting focus to the TEI-TF6000 Turbofan Engine, Akşit revealed that it is nearing completion of certification and mass production studies. With applications in manned/unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, and naval platforms, this engine signifies a transformative leap in Turkiye's aerospace capabilities.
Akşit has also addressed the accelerated timeline for the TEI-TF6000 Turbofan Engine, expressing optimism in announcing its functionality soon. Despite the marathon of tests ahead, he highlighted significant strides in technology, aiming to initiate the first engine within 3-5 years.

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