TCG OruçReis Was Spotted at Sea Trial after MLU

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Photo Credit Oğuz Eroğuz
Photo Credit Oğuz Eroğuz
Turkish Navy’s Barbaros Class TCG OruçReis (F-245) was spotted for the first time after its Mid-Life Upgrade.

Naval Photographer Oğuz Eroğuz shared his social media account's first photos of the TCG OruçReis (F-245) frigate that went Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU). The MEKO200TN Track IIA class frigate was drydocked in January 2022 at the Gölcük Shipyard, and the MLU works started in March 2022.

TCG OruçReis before MLU TurDef.jpg
TCG OruçReis (F-245) MLU works were expected to last 16 months (Four months dismantling, four months integration and eight months Port and Sea Acceptance Tests), including planned maintenance/repair activities. 
The MLU will extend the vessel’s service life until the 2040s. 

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