TB3 Performed its Maiden Flight with a Hop-On Test

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TB3 Performed its Maiden Flight with a Hop-On Test
TB3 Performed its Maiden Flight with a Hop-On Test
Baykar’s TB3 UAV performed a hop-on test at Çorlu Airport near İstanbul.

Baykar released a video of the TB3 UAV performing its maiden flight. TB3 performed a hop-on test like the turbofan engine KIZILELMA UAV did in December 2022. The UAV passes in front of the camera fast enough to take off without stalling. This test is considered one of the most critical at the initial phase, as a failure may cause damage to the aircraft. A test pilot explained to TurDef that the hop-on test is mainly avoided to risk the system and is primarily performed when there is enough data about aircraft flight character. “We usually prefer to gain altitude as soon as possible in order to control the aircraft more safely,” the test pilot explained to TurDef. 

TB3 hop-on Çorlu TurDef.jpg
TB3 is a derivative of TB2 Armed UAV. It is designed to perform missions over TCG Anadolu multi-purpose amphibious ship. It has foldable wings to gain space when it is stored. The UAV will not use an arresting system. Therefore, it will not benefit from a recovery system. Instead, it has more rugged landing gear and a brake system to stop on the deck when it is landed. The UAV will not be launched from a catapult system either. It will use its engine to take off. TUSAŞ Engine Industries Inc (TEI) prepared a PD-170 diesel engine with three propellers. The engine will produce 170 HP power at sea level when it needs more power during take-off.
The first tests will be performed at Çorlu Air Base. In the second phase, a ski jump will be added to the runway to simulate the TCG Anadolu's flight deck. The UAV will take off using the ski jump. This will help the UAV to continue its flight even at a slower speed. The UAV will gain speed during the flight. Once the UAV passes the tests, the last test will be performed at TCG Anadolu's flight deck. 

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