TAF Receives new Turkish Systems in Inventory

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TAF Receives new Turkish Systems in Inventory
The Defence Ministry announced that new Turkish systems have been added to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) inventory.

According to the statement made at the weekly briefing meeting of the Ministry of National Defence, various quantities of “Underground Imaging Device”, “Jamming and Destruction System against Mini/Micro UAVs”, and “New Generation T-155 Self-Propelled FIRTINA Howitzer” were inspected and accepted by the Land Forces Command. 

Concerning the “underground imaging Device”, ASELSAN’s Yener GPR fitted on Otokar’s Arma 8X8 armoured vehicle was previously reported. No information about the jamming and destruction system against mini/ micro-UAVs was shared. These systems are used against the attacks of the terrorist organisation PKK.
Turkiye started in 2018 to work on the New Generation T-155 Self-Propelled FIRTINA-II Howitzer. In the summer, The Defence Ministry said, “The inspection and acceptance activities of two of the four howitzers planned to be delivered in 2023 were completed and taken into inventory on August 25.” 
The New Generation FIRTINA Howitzer Project includes an Electrically Driven Turret and Barrel Guidance Unit, Howitzer Fire Control System, Fully Automatic Ammunition Loading System, Gunpowder Conditioning Unit, Air Conditioning System and SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System (UKSS).
A total of 140 New Generation FIRTINA-II Howitzers will be delivered by 2027.
Utku engine and transmission power group developed by BMC Power will be used in FIRTINA howitzers starting from 2025.

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