STM Produces Yaw Damping System

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STM Produces Yaw Damping System
STM nationalised the 'Yaw Damping System', which will be used for the first time in MİLGEM İSTİF Class Frigates.

STM produced a system previously supplied from abroad in Turkiye in cooperation with Robotek Automation Technologies LTD. Yaw Damping System of surface warships: The system, which absorbs the forces it is exposed to due to external factors such as wind, waves, currents and storms, enables the platforms to continue their combat missions safely under adverse environmental conditions.

The Yaw Damping System will be integrated into two corvettes within the scope of an export project carried out by STM. The Yaw Damping System, which supports weapon stabilisation during helicopter operations and firing and for supply, material and personnel transfer at sea, stands out with its design resistant to harsh sea conditions and automatic and adaptive operating features.

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