SSB and MSB; New Era New Collaborations

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SSB and MSB; New Era New Collaborations
SSB President Haluk Görgün visited Defence Minister Yaşar Güler in his office. It was an important indicator of the relations between these two institutions.

The Ministry of National Defence announced on its social media account the visit of the President of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), Professor Haluk Görgün, and the SSB Vice Presidents. Haluk Görgün also announced this post from his account with a note. The SSB official account retweeted Görgün’s post. Görgün made the following statements in his notice; “We will continue to strengthen our independent defence industry shoulder to shoulder with our Minister of National Defence, Mr Yaşar Güler, for our heroic army that goes from victory to victory in every field and develops with our national strength.
With unity, synergy and a common mind, Our effective, deterrent and respected Armed Forces will take its place among the armies set as an example in the world in advanced technologies.
The power of national technology move is at the service of our army in the air, on land, at sea, in space and cyberspace.”
This visit, which took place after the assignment of Görgün and the SSB Vice Presidents, has a symbolic meaning. The visit underlines that the two institutions are ready for cooperation.

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