Şeref Can: Mass production started in the Özgür Project

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Şeref Can: Mass production started in the Özgür Project
Abdurrahman Şeref Can, Head of the Fixed Wings Platforms Department of the Defence Industry Agency(DIA), said that during the production of the F-16 aircraft, the components whose design was completed were purchased and fitted to the aircraft and that these studies were very instructive. Explaining that important modernisation projects were carried out that completed this process afterwards, Can underlined that the progress was made thanks to the Erciyes, Arı and Özgür projects.
Speaking at the 9th Air and Avionics Systems Seminar held in Ankara, Şeref Can stated that the mass production process has started in the Özgür Project, which aims to modernise F-16 Block 30 aircraft with domestic systems. Can said, "If we made our avionics at Hürkuş, if we are making our own avionics at Hürjet, if we are making our avionics at National Combat Aircraft (TF-X) with our defence industry companies, the importance of modernisation projects is great."Şeref Can: Mass production started in the Özgür ProjectNoting that Hürkuş is preparing to be delivered to the Air Force Command, Can said, "Our engine for theIndigenous Fighter Aircraft (TF-X)has arrived. The designs and productions of the subsystems have been completed largely." Can’s words indicate that the F-110 engine is delivered to Turkiye. It is known that ten engines will be supplied for prototype testing activities. There will be three TF-X Block 0 and Block 1 prototype.

The Özgür Project is designed to modernise Turkish Air Force F-16 Blok 30TM fighters with national means. Özgür Project is the third national modernisation project after Şimşek and Işık modernisations. Both projects were carried out on F-4 Phantom II aircraft. The Özgür project aims to equip 35 4th generation F-16 Block 30 aircraft with an indigenous mission computer with national avionics.

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