SASAD Published Defence and Aviation ‘22 Performance Report

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SASAD Published Defence and Aviation ‘22 Performance Report
SASAD has announced the Defence and Aviation 2022 Performance Report based on the statements of 104 member companies.

Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) 2022 performance report has been published. According to sector performance data, The turnover–employment indicators for the last five years have recorded positive developments in all areas.
According to the data, the turnover export, which was 10,159 million dollars in 2021, increased by 20,05 per cent to 12,196 million dollars. The total order, which was $8,576 million in 2021, increased by 2.58 per cent to $8,797 million.
Employment increased by 7.23 per cent in 2021, from 75,660 people to 81,132 people in 2022.
Large-scale firm export figures total exports amounted to 3.402 million dollars. According to this, Ground system exports are 811 million dollars at 23.84 per cent, naval exports at 419 million dollars at 12.31 per cent, and air (military) exports at 404 million dollars at 11.86 per cent. Weapons, ammunition and missile exports were 15.23 per cent to 518 million dollars; security exports were 1.71 per cent to 58 million dollars; MRO exports were 1.58 per cent to 54 million dollars, and other exports were 8.63 per cent to 295 million dollars.
SME export figures totalled 994 million dollars. Land exports with 2.45 per cent to 24 million dollars, Sea exports with 15.95 per cent to 159 million dollars, Air (military) exports with 14.29 per cent to 142 million dollars, Civil Aviation exports 38.87 per cent to  386 million dollars, Weapons, Ammunition and Missile exports were 16.86 per cent to  168 million dollars, Security exports were 0.77 per cent to  7 million dollars, MRO exports were 3.18 per cent to  32 million dollars, and other exports were .03 per cent to  76 million dollars.
SASAD Chairman of the Board Osman Okyay, who wrote a preface to the report, said, “When we evaluate the data of 2022, we see that our industry continues to rise in 2021 after the pandemic in 2020. At first glance, significant increases in our total turnover and foreign sales revenues in 2022 are striking. The 2022 turnover of our sector has increased by 20.05 per cent compared to the previous year, and the foreign sales revenues have increased by 36.32. In addition, there is an increase of 25.72 per cent in total product and technology development expenditures. A significant part of this increase is the critical 73.68 per cent increase in total technology development expenditures, below this total.”

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