Russia Unveils Supersonic Anti-Radiation Missile Kh-31PD

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Russia Unveils Supersonic Anti-Radiation Missile Kh-31PD
Russia’s Kh-31PD medium-range supersonic anti-radiation missile, known to be used in Ukraine, is officially unveiled.

The Kh-31PD (Kh-31AD/Kh-31 Mod 2) medium-range supersonic anti-radiation missile from Tactical Missiles Corporation is designed to destroy medium- and long-range SAM systems’ radars, air operations control radars and early warning radars and has high supersonic speed thanks to the use of a scramjet with a built-in booster. It has been proposed to modify it to create an “AWACS killer,” a long-range air-to-air missile.

The missile, which can be launched from an altitude of 15 kilometres and carries a 110-kilogram warhead, can engage targets up to 250 kilometres away.

KH-31PD missile TurDef.jpg

The Kh-31PD, a longer-range variation of the Kh-31P, is primarily capable of being launched from fighter aircraft such as the Su-30MK, Su-34, Su-35, MiG-29K, MiG-29KUB, and MiG-35. The missile travels at speeds above Mach 3. When the missile is launched, a solid-fuel booster in the tail accelerates it to Mach 1.8 before being ejected. The missiles use mid-course radar guidance as well as terminal homing.

A contemporary combination guidance system, an inertial control system and a passive wide-range self-guidance radar head are installed on the missile. The missile guidance system allows for the autonomous search and capture of a radio-emitting target or, according to the target designation data of the carrier equipment when suspended beneath an aircraft, as well as target tracking and signal creation for its guidance after launch.



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