Russia Returns to Be-12 Seaplane Against Unmanned Threats

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Russia Returns to Be-12 Seaplane Against Unmanned Threats
The Russian Navy has reportedly begun deploying Soviet-era Beriev Be-12 seaplanes to fight against Ukrainian unmanned water systems.

Over the past two months, Ukraine has stepped up its operations against Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine's military has launched cruise missile attacks on key shipyards and fleet headquarters and deployed unmanned surface ships against Russian naval assets.

Loaded with explosives, these cost-effective systems have become a major challenge for the Russian military. 

These maritime systems have caused damage to Russian ships, including the Olenegorsky Gornyak and the merchant tanker Sig. Although the Russian Defence Ministry denies Ukraine's claims, it seeks effective countermeasures against this maritime threat.

Regarding the Beriev Be-12 Chayka ( Seagull ) and NATO reporting name: Mail, this turboprop engine amphibious aircraft was initially designed for anti-submarine and maritime patrol duties. The Be-12 made its first successful flight in 1960. It has a design with curved V-shaped wings and a ship-like lower body for landing on water.

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