Russia has the UK on Target

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Russia has the UK on Target
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Russian aircraft maker Rustec shares images from its most recent fifth-gen aircraft. The company will reveal the details at MAKS 21 airshow. The company has recently said on public accounts, “Aircraft black covers are very tempting, but we’d like you to focus on the details.”

Once we focus on details, we come across the targeting pod beneath the aircraft. The tweet shows Royal Navy’s Type 45 air defence destroyer as target. Royal Navy's HMS Defender was in the Black Sea last month, and it was part of the tension between Russia and the United Kingdom. Russia, claiming that she violated its territorial waters open warning fire to the ship. The UK on other hand denies the territorial water claims and accepts the region as international waters.

Russia has the UK on Target

Most recent developments show that new tensions may take place anytime. Russia wants to show its opponents that it is taking the issue seriously and will not refraining from targeting royal navy vessels in future.

Russia has the UK on TargetRussia has the UK on Target

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