Russia Defends Sevastopol Naval Base with DP-62 Damba

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Russia Defends Sevastopol Naval Base with DP-62 Damba
Russian Navy deployed the DP-62 Damba MLRS to Sevastopol naval base against unmanned surface vehicle attacks.

Following last week's attack by Ukrainian unmanned surface vehicles on the Yuriy Ivanov class intelligence vessel Ivan Khurs, the Russian Navy has strengthened its defences near the Sevastopol naval base in Crimea of the Black Sea.
Russian Navy has deployed the DP-62 Damba, capable of firing PRS-60 underwater ammunition. The DP-62 Damba is a coastal version of the Multi-Barrelled Rocket Launch System (MLRS) developed since the Soviet era, based on the 9K51 Grad.

DP-62 Damba TurDef.jpg
The primary purpose of this system is to ward off enemy troop attacks on the coastline, especially near anchored warships. The 95TM transport vehicle, part of the DP-62 Damba system, is designed based on the ZIL-131 truck and can carry 122mm calibre 40 rockets. Its firing range is between 300 to 5000 meters with a salvo time of 20 seconds.
Using MLRS for coastal defence indicates that Russia lacks to provide accuracy when targeting surface vehicles. It, therefore, prefers to increase its defence rate by supporting MLRS. 

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