Roketsan Met with its Strategic Business Partners

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Roketsan Met with its Strategic Business Partners
Roketsan organised the Strategic Business Partnership Summit to accelerate its efforts to improve its supply chain management processes.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, Roketsan accelerated its initiatives towards developing and digitalising supply chain management processes with the Strategic Business Partnership Summit it organised.

The company aims to prepare a road map for the next period under topics such as digitalisation of the supply chain and sustainability. At the Summit, solutions to strengthen the supply chain ecosystem were discussed.

Approximately 250 companies in Roketsan’s supply process ecosystem attended the Summit, and a total of 45 stakeholder companies were selected as business partners at different levels.

Defence Industry Agency (SSB) Deputy President İhsan Kaya, Roketsan Chairman of the Board of Directors Professor Faruk Yiğit and Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci made the opening remarks.

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Defence Industry Agency Deputy President Kaya said, “The strategies, supply chain structure and ecosystem of our SSB are of great importance to protect our country's national security and develop the defence industry. “I also congratulate Roketsan, which has a large supply chain network, for its contributions to developing the Turkish defence industry ecosystem and the digitalisation and sustainability steps it has taken in the supply chain processes.”

Roketsan Chairman of the Board of Directors Yiğit said, “Roketsan, which has completed its 35 years, continues its efforts to meet the rocket and missile needs of our country and offer solutions for the future needs of our armed forces. At the same time, it develops new generation land, sea and air systems by planning high-capacity production infrastructures. While independent access to space is important in our country’s future goals, Roketsan also plays a critical role in this field. Roketsan, which has initiated a significant export move internationally, aims to increase the ratio of export revenues to a total turnover above 50 per cent by the end of next year. I believe this Summit will be a critical turning point towards improving our supply chain and making it more efficient. “As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we will work with you, our valued business partners, to build a stronger Turkiye.”

Roketsan General Manager İkinci made a presentation about Roketsan’s Strategic Supplier Management Programme at the opening of the Summit.

General Manager İkinci said in his speech, “As Roketsan, we are currently successfully representing our country in the 80th place amongst the world’s 100 largest defence companies. At the same time, we are the third largest R&D organisation in our country, and we rank 77th in the top 100 amongst industrial organisations of our country. Founded 35 years ago, Roketsan has come today with your support, our valued business partners. He achieved significant success. Roketsan’s most important strategy in the last five years is to create an ecosystem that can grow export-oriented. Our biggest goal is to be one of the 50 largest defence organisations in the world. “We will achieve this with you, our valued business partners,” İkinci emphasised that they want to export to the world.

Digitalisation of Supply Chain Processes and Sustainability Issues were Discussed

Two sessions titled “Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain Ecosystem” and “Supply Chain Management in the Age of Digitalisation” were also held at the Summit. During the sessions, it was emphasised that digitalising supply chain processes by adapting them to today’s needs is one of the main ways to make production processes faster and more efficient. At the same time, minimising the damage to the environment by ensuring a sustainable supply chain and the longing for a cleaner world for our future were also emphasised.

At the Summit, certificates were presented to 45 companies selected as business partners at different levels within the Strategic Supplier Management Programme framework and the “Roketsan Stakeholder Severance Awards Ceremony” was also held.

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