Roketsan Exhibits Its Products to Export in Saudi Arabia

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Roketsan Exhibits Its Products to Export in Saudi Arabia
Roketsan is participating in the World Defense Show (WDS) held in Saudi Arabia to export its products.

Roketsan is participating in the fair, which is organised under the leadership of the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), the military authority of Saudi Arabia, and will host its visitors until February 8, with its large stand and strong staff, where it exhibits many of its latest technology products. 

Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci, who was in Riyadh for the WDS, stated that they aim to establish new collaborations at this fair with significant export potential. İkinci said, “We aim to open the door to new collaborations by holding meetings with important delegations and industry representatives throughout the fair. While adding value to the economic power of our country with the new collaborations we will establish here, and we aim to make positive contributions to Turkiye - Saudi Arabia relations. It makes us proud to compete in the global market with our products that stand out from their counterparts with their performance and have proven their success in the field. “

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Roketsan exhibits 17 products at the fair.  

  • MAM-L Smart Micro Munition 
  • MAM-C Smart Micro Munition
  • MAM-T Munition 
  • UAV-230 Air-to-Surface Ballistic Supersonic Missile 
  • TEBER-82 Guidance Kit
  • LAÇİN Guidance Kit 
  • KARAOK Short-Range Anti-Tank Weapon
  • OMTAS Medium-Range Anti-Tank Missile System
  • L-UMTAS-GM Laser Guided Extended Range Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile System
  • ÇAKIR Cruise Missile
  • SOM Stand-Off Missile
  • SUNGUR Air Defence Missile System
  • HİSAR-A Air Defence Missiles
  • HİSAR-O Air Defence Missiles
  • SİPER Long range Air defence missile
  • TRG-300 Guided Missile 
  • Tactical Missile Launching Weapon System

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