Roketsan Establishes Mini-satellite launch Facility

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Roketsan Establishes Mini-satellite launch Facility
Roketsan will establish a facility in Igneada, Kırklareli, to launch mini-satellites into space.

Professor İsmail Demir, President of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), announced the development at NTV. Demir said that the first goal is to place 100-kg satellites in a 300 km orbit, and the next goal is to place a 1.5-ton satellite in a 700 km orbit. Demir stated that the establishment activities of the facility would be established in İğneada, near the Bulgarian border in Kırklareli, and added: “Our goal next year is to implement our mini-satellite launch system. In other words, we will launch a 100 kg satellite next year to place it in a 300 km orbit. We explain for the first time; We are building a launch facility in İğneada, Kırklareli.
On the island of Kefken, there will also be a specific production facility and launch facilities, depending on the location of monitoring stations. The establishment activities of İğneada facilities have started.”
Roketsan hid its activities in this region from the public for a long time and replied about construction facilities as they will be “social facilities “. China was proposing to build a nuclear power plant in the same region.


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