Record Export Expectations from SASAD in 2024

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Record Export Expectations from SASAD in 2024
The Turkish defence industry, which broke a new export record this year, is preparing to increase this performance even in 2024.

Osman Okyay, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD), stated the sector’s performance in 2023 and the expectations for the following year.
Pointing out that the defence industry has made great strides in Turkiye, especially in recent years, Okyay said that the players involved in this field have also increased their technological capabilities significantly.
“These achievements, which give us all pride and confidence, are more important for the defence of our country,” Okyay added, “2023 was a critical year in both exports and technological deepening. Therefore, it has been a year in which we have been able to produce a larger portion of the products that we could not produce for our country, both in terms of export revenue and in the defence industry. Important projects were announced, especially in aircraft and marine vehicles, that is, system-level production. Moreover, the products have been improved. Demonstration was possible. “I can say that we have done our part as a defence industry in 2023, truly worthy of the 100th anniversary of our Republic.”

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Mentioning that SASAD had a very successful year, Okyay said, “This year, as SASAD, we launched our commercial business and thus increased the number of our events. We have become a much more active association. As SASAD, we are a European Defence Industrialists’ Association (ASD) member. We also attended its general assembly this year and added 50 new members to our membership. We can say that SASAD’s growth this year was parallel to the growth of the defence industry in Turkiye.” he said.
Osman Okyay stated that further progress will be made in the ongoing projects in the defence industry in 2024.
Emphasising that Turkiye is a vital defence industry country at the product level with its manned/unmanned warplanes, other UAVs, manned/unmanned sea and land systems, and weapon systems, Okyay said:
“2024 will be an important year both in exports and technological developments. Turkish products have now become sought-after products, especially in exports. This is truly a source of satisfaction because it is not easy to gain popularity in the defence industry among the world’s countries. There needs to be confidence in your technological level in that field to accept your products. Turkiye provided this and realised this, and that is why defence industry products are now accepted blindly. This significantly opened the way for exports. I expect a huge boom in exports again. The defence industry will do important work, especially in earning foreign currency for Turkiye.”

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