Pakistan Shows Local Production of Chinese VT-4 Tank

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Pakistan Shows Local Production of Chinese VT-4 Tank
The official report confirms the existence of the Al-Khalid-1 fire control system on Pakistan's VT-4 tanks.

Pakistani media have revealed the production process of the Chinese VT-4 tanks, also known as VT-4 MBT or MBT-3000.

These tanks are being built under Chinese license at the eminent Pakistani manufacturing plant Heavy Industry Taxila (HIT). 

VT-4 MBT.jpg

The broadcast indicates that this establishment has been specially designed to manufacture the advanced VT-4. The start of domestic production has led to rapid growth in Al-Khalid/Al-Khalid-1 and T80UD power units, resulting in a persistent 70 per cent localization. In recent years, notable progress has been observed. Additionally, 95 per cent of the electrical equipment and control systems attached to armoured fighting vehicles have been integrated into local manufacturing processes, which significantly reflects the independence of Pakistan's defence industry.

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