Pakistan gets PN MİLGEM Babur today launched into the sea

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Pakistan gets PN MİLGEM Babur today launched into the sea
Pakistan celebrated yesterday its independence day and today gets the PN MİLGEM Ada Class corvette launched into the sea. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Arif Alvi are expected to attend the ceremony in Istanbul. The ship is called Babur. Pakistan also has a 700 km range cruise missile with a nuclear warhead which is also called Haft 7.

Defence Ministry’s company Asfat signed the procurement agreement with Pakistan Navy in September 2018. PN MİLGEM corvettes will become a part of the Pakistan Navy inventory. This agreement is the highest figure ever signed by the Turkish defence industry at a time.

PN MILGEM Program consists of four ships. Two ships will be built in Istanbul Shipyard Command, and the remaining two ships will be built in Karachi Shipyard. The program started on 11 March 2019. Four ships will be delivered in August 2023, February 2024, August 2024 and February 2025, respectively.

The total length of the ship is 108.8 meters, and its maximum width is 14.8 meters. Thanks to a displacement of 2,400 tons and a draft of 4.1 meters, it can speed 26 knots per hour with two diesel engines and a gas turbine.

Babur missile is the first cruise missile to be developed and designed by Pakistan. Some analysts of Indian origin have pointed out similarities of the missile with Chinese and American designs, namely the DH-10 and Tomahawk.

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