Nurol Teknoloji Buys Majority Stakes of German IKH

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Nurol Teknoloji Buys Majority Stakes of German IKH
The Turkish defence company Nurol Teknoloji has acquired a majority stake in the German ceramic raw material manufacturer Industrie Keramik Hochrhein (IKH).

Since 1995, the German company Industrie Keramik Hochrhein has been the leading developer of technical ceramic powders and the sole supplier of those powders to manufacturers of ballistic armour. According to Selim Baybaş, General Manager and Board Member of Nurol Teknoloji, purchasing a majority stake in the company is essential for both Nurol Teknoloji and the general business climate in Turkey. He emphasised that acquiring IKH hopes to strengthen its leadership in ballistic ceramics and become a global leader in advanced technical ceramics required by the electronics sector and other technology-critical industries. He also stated that they hope to become a global leader in advanced technical ceramics required by the aerospace industry.  The founder of the IKH company, Marco Reinger, commented on this strategic partnership, stating, 


Nurol Teknoloji was established in 2008 to produce advanced-technique ballistic ceramics. Tungsten Carbide ceramics, used in the civilian sector, join the Nurol Teknoloji ceramic product range alongside Alumina, Silicon Carbide, and Boron Carbide ceramics. Nurol Teknoloji manufactures advanced technology ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armour solutions for the Turkish Security Forces and all allied countries worldwide under one roof in three Ankara production facilities.

“We believe that our growth potential will increase even further with Nurol Teknoloji’s vision. Combined with our experience in the ceramic industry, we will focus on new and innovative projects.”

For Nurol Teknoloji, which produces armour with the highest levels of protection for personnel and ground, air, and sea vehicles using advanced technical ceramics such as boron carbide (B4C), silicon carbide (SiC), and alumina (Al2O3), this collaboration represents more than just a company acquisition. In addition to this, it plans to increase its research and development efforts in advanced technical ceramics and develop new products. This acquisition represents a significant vision for both the future of the Turkish Defence Industry and the future of the advanced technical ceramic industry.




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