New General Manager at BİTES: Erinç Albayrak

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New General Manager at BİTES: Erinç Albayrak
After the board of directors meeting at BİTES, the General Manager, Uğur Coşkun, is replaced by Erinç Albayrak as acting General Manager.

Following ASELSAN's purchase of all shares of BİTES, a board of directors meeting was held in the company. Uğur Coşkun, the company's founder and General Manager, is replaced by Erinç Albayrak, appointed acting General Manager. Albayrak was vice president for defence and information systems.

BITES operates in research, design, development and engineering, including augmented reality, artificial intelligence and simulation software. Coşkun sold the majority shares of the company to ASELSAN in 2019. ASELSAN purchased the remaining 49 per cent of BİTES shares in October.

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