MSB underlines the Cooperation with SSB

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MSB underlines the Cooperation with SSB
After a long hiatus, the MSB resumed its activities to inform the press about its activities. The ministry underlined the cooperation with SSB.

Following the changes at both the Defence Ministry (MSB) and Defence Industry Agency (SSB) top management, a new communication line has been established between the institutions. The change was reflected in today’s press briefing.
Defence Mİnistry, Press and Public Relations Counselor, Naval Colonel Zeki Aktürk discussed indigenous weapon systems in today’s briefing. Aktürk mentioned HÜRKUŞ aircraft as the Basic Trainer Aircraft Project. This title means that the armed C version of Hürkuş for Close Air Support (CAS) missions is not on the agenda. It was not disclosed whether Hürkuş training aircraft means ground attack training aircraft (HYEU), or whether it will be a training aircraft for pilots to complete their curriculum to be entitled to fly with jet-engined aircraft. 

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HURJET was evaluated as a Light Class Attack Aircraft. In this case, the use of Hürjet as an advanced training aircraft to replace the T-38 was not mentioned.
The Gezgin cruise missile was presented as the "national joint cruise missile". No information has been given on the usage concept of the Gezgin until now. The “joint” term may mean that the Gezgin cruise missile can be used on air and naval platforms as well as on land use. This statement also paves the way for the Gezgin to be launched from the submarine.
It is also stated that upcoming briefings will include information about the new systems added to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. 

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